How to Get a Girlfriend in Middle School

How to Get a Girlfriend - This article teaches you how to get a girlfriend, and focuses on how you can get a Girlfriend in middle school. I shall tell you once again that knowing how to get a girlfriend in middle school is actually same as how to get a girlfriend in high school. If you want to know some tips on how to get a girlfriend or how to get a girlfriend back in middle school, this is the article for you.

Hello again. Are you still frustrated that you cannot get a girlfriend? Maybe you need to get your ex back. Want to meet new girls or make new girlfriends? Tried to get lucky through online dating, went for a few blind dates but you are still unable to get your perfect match? My dear "How to Get a Girlfriend" followers, salvation has come. Hopefully, you have been following my posts diligently and perhaps you are more capable in getting a girlfriend now.

For today's post, I will tailor my "how to"s for those who are studying in middle school, i.e. how you can get a girlfriend in middle school (not middle earth or else you may be dating trolls or elves haha). Well, middle school is sometimes also known as junior high school. A student attends middle school after elementary school, and middle school serves more like a "bridge" between elementary school and high school (that means the students move on to high school after middle school). If you are more interested to know how to get a girlfriend in high school, you can go to that post within my how to get a girlfriend blog to get more tips in that area.

Anyways like I previously mentioned for the term "High School", these terms used for such schools are used in different ways in different countries. In some contexts, "middle school" may just be used as an alternative name to "junior high school" (but it should be noted that the middle school format is slowly replacing junior high schools), or it might imply a shift away from primary and secondary school practices ("High School" mainly refers to Secondary School, so Middle School would refer more to Post-Primary School). The definition of "middle school" is hence not very clear. Students in middle schools usually belong to grades 6, 7, and 8. These students are around the ages of 11–14. The age can vary from area to area though and also according to the population of the area as well as the building capacity of the schools. Some middle schools include students from grade 5 as well while others take in older students under grade 9. Hence while in my how to get a girlfriend in high school post, it was tailored for teenagers from the ages of 14/15 to 17/18, this post for people who want to find out how to get a girlfriend in middle school and these students are a bit younger at about 11-14 years old.

Now when you are at such a young age, again I would like to tell you that it is not really the right age to start dating. Yes it is good to make new friends, both of the same sex and opposite sex, male or female, but you are still young and should really spend more time on your studies. But of course if you think that you are ahead of the game, and you are already so brillant in your studies and so matured that you want to start dating now, hmmm then maybe you can read on....

Well say you just started schooling in Middle School. The going is a lot tougher than Primary or Elementary School. The academic subjects are harder and everyone is older. And not to forget the bullies. They seem to get in your way all the time. You feel lost and worse still, there is this girl that you like. What should you do? Probably you grow older and now you start to get the sense of a bit of puberty. It seems that you are more and more concerned that you should get a girlfriend. So maybe you googled into Google "how to get a girlfriend in middle school" and fortunately for you you chanced upon my site. I will give you the secret answers to whatever questions you might need.

So there is this girl you like in middle school and you want her badly to be your girlfriend. What should you do?

Find Chances to Create a Lasting Friendship

The start to having a girlfriend is really to have a good friendship with the girl you like first. Are there any classes where which you attend with her?Try sitting with her in class and maybe even lunch. Ask her to eat together with you during lunch or recess/break time. Find out if you're in any classes with her. Everytime you have a chance to talk to her just try to interact with her by talking to her. Get to know her better. Know whats she thinks and what she likes by paying careful attention and observing her well. Are there any subjects that she pays more interest to. Because from this you would also know what she likes. Is it mathematics or maybe science? Try to be more proficient in the subjects that she likes so that she may be impressed with the knowledge you have in that area. Or maybe she is weak in certain subjects. If you better yourself in these areas, then you can tutor her when she needs help! There are just so many ways for you to save that damsel in distress, don't you think? Anyways to sum up, just be nice to her whenever you can. Compliment her on things done well or if she just looks pretty! She will think that you are pretty sweet. Help her out whenever she needs help. Just be there for her and soon she will notice you and start to take a liking to you. There are times when she may be upset, take the chance to talk to her and find out what's wrong and ask her if she wants to talk. If she doesn't seem to want to talk, then give her some space, respect her decision and leave her alone time. After some time just check how she is doing. Now it is very important to be confident about yourself. Like I mentioned earlier in some of the tips on how to get a girlfriend easy, confidence is very important to attract a girl. In any case, pluck up your courage and do not be shy. You are a big boy now ok? That girl you like may not have had a boyfriend before so if she is shy too then nothing good will happen. Being the boy you must take the initiative and make the first move. If you are shy to talk to her face to face, why not write her little notes? Some people do not mind trying writing notes to the girls they like and slipping them into her locker. Or maybe sometimes you can get some of her other friends to pass the notes to her. It is not difficult to get a girlfriend when you have got the brains and initiatives to do creative things! Or even like I mentioned in my post on how to get a girlfriend using an online dating service, the internet these days can be a very useful tool for you to find that perfect match and also to get that girlfriend that you want! If the girl is internet savvy (well I think even middle school going children these days are internet savvy and surfing the internet), ask her for her email. You can then communicate with her via email! Of course this is only for the initial part of the relationship. It would be very weird if you get to see this girl often in class, but instead of talking to her you keep quiet, but send her emails instead! Even better if you both use instant messaging. By instant messaging, I mean the use of IMs such as Yahoo or MSN or maybe Skype. These are better tools for communication with others over the internet. Be well versed in these tools and you would have mastered the art of getting a girlfriend online!

Please Behave Yourself

A word of caution here though. While I "encourage you" to befriends girls for the purpose of dating, do remember to act like a gentleman. I know being young kids, sometimes you guys are mischevious and naughty! But try to be mature about things. I know it is tough. But listen to me and don't listen to your friends, who may be pulling a fast one on you. If the girl doesn't really warm up to you, just try to talk to her some other time and maybe just be a little persistent. Try to find out what the reason may be for her not warming to you. Maybe she has a boyfriend? If she does, do not try any funny business and try to take her away from her boyfriend. Things can get ugly. And never never get involved in a fight for the sake of a girl. It is very very childish behaviour.

Then in other cases, middle school boys often might try all ways and methods to make fun of girls because they think it is hilarious. Girls don't find such things funny at all and really hate boys who tease them. So this is also a warning to you that you never make fun of a girl you like, not even behind her back. If she finds out, the consequences would be disastrous. She may get angry and even vow never to talk to you again.

Try to Get on Some Dates with Her

Once you have gotten over the initial stage of nervousness or shyness, and you feel that you have interacted with her quite a lot and that she at least has some liking for you, it is perhaps time to try to get her phone number. And then it is time that you proceed to the next step, which is to ask her out on a date. Going on a date is not really necessary when you are so young as a middle school child. But hey I know school going children are a very cool and in lot these days, so I guess there is really not too big a harm if you do go on a date. But there are some rules that you should observe while on a date though. I will run through maybe a small bit of the rules here, and perhaps I will talk about dating more in my future posts.

Well, when you are on the first date with her, please once again be mindful that you should be on your best behavious. Do not attempt to do anything silly like try to make out with her or even worse ask for sex! Also do not ask her to be your girlfriend on the first date. It is just too soon and too early for that. Oh and please respect her as a young lady and do not try any funny business like trying to touch her or anything. This would make her feel very uncomfortable and most likely she wont not agree to go out with you anymore.

If All Else Fails

Hopefully the road will be smooth once you get on a date with her. Like I said I will elaborate more about dating in my how to get a girlfriend easy future posts. However, not all guys get lucky. I know of people who try really hard and the fact is you are still in middle school so its not that bad if you can't get a girlfriend right? Girlfriends are not a necessity. It is not uncool if you do not have a girlfriend. Do not give in to peer pressure. You also don't need a girlfriend to be happy. If you do not have a girlfriend, you should spend more time with your family and friends. Enjoy these precious moments being with your friends or being with yourself. Anyways, if you are a faithful reader of my how to get a girlfriend easy blog, I can assure you that very soon, you would have a girlfriend to call your own. So just stay tuned to my blog here and learn the secrets to how to get a girlfriend.

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