How to Get a Girlfriend in High School

How to Get a Girlfriend - This article teaches you how to get a girlfriend, and focuses on how you can get a Girlfriend in high school. I shall tell you once again that knowing how to get a girlfriend in high school is actually same as how to get a girlfriend in middle school or just like any other tips that will teach you how to get a girlfriend. If you want to know some tips on how to get a girlfriend or how to get a girlfriend back in high school, this is the article for you.

Previously, I have provided some tips on how to get a girlfriend. I believe that many of you are interested to know how to get a girlfriend in high school. I know you have been trying hard to make new girlfriends or just meet new girls. I know you are dying to have a pretty girlfriend. Puberty is tough and you feel your hormones acting on you. Maybe you have even started exploring the internet. I won't want to guess what you have been doing online but I hope it is just harmless online dating. If you are interested in finding a girlfriend, getting that perfect match or want to get your ex back you have come to the right place. Signing up at online dating websites help but you still to be knowledgeable when you go on a date with this girl that you like. If you have previously read my tips on how to get a girlfriend easy, there isn't very much of a big difference how you can apply these tips to getting a girlfriend who is are high school babes or if they are girls of other ages!
Maybe I shall start with the definition of the word "high school". High school is basically a term used to describe a portion of a person's education which is spent in an institution which provides all or part of secondary education. The term is widely used in some parts of the world, mainly in the United Kingdom, Northern America and also Oceania. Of couse, in some other countries, the term secondary school also refers to high school.

The term "high school" first originated in Scotland. Just some trivia the world's oldest high school is actually found in Edinburgh and is called the Royal High School of Edinburgh which was set up in 1505. The Scottish educational system later spread to other New World countries due to its perceived high prestige. This Royal High School in Edinburgh was used as a model for the first public high school in the United States. This was the English High School founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1821.
The definition of a high school and the ages of students that they serve differs from country to country, and also region to region (sometimes within the same area). Individual states, counties and school districts are given the authority to decide how they plan to divide up their school levels. For example in countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia and some parts of Australia and Canada, high school is considered as being the same as secondary school. In these places, high school or secondary school encompasses the entire secondary stage of education.
However, in the United States, a high school is an upper secondary school. High schools in USA educate children from grade nine or ten through grade twelve. This means that the high schools educate children or maybe teenagers from the ages of 14 or 15 to 17 or 18. Prior to attending high school, many children in the United States attend a middle school or a junior high school. So for this post of mine, I will teach you how to get a girlfriend in high school. If you are lucky, I will talk about how to get a girlfriend in middle school and how to get a girlfriend in junior high school in my subsequent posts.
Well, when you are tackling a girl in high school, you have to understand that the girls at that age are so called less mature. Actually, I would advice against getting a girlfriend when you are at that age. This is because you may most likely be immature too! It is also more likely that you are more prone to get hurt, but you may end up doing the wrong thing. What do I mean by wrong thing? That means getting involved with each other very intimately and maybe doing stuff like light petting or even worse heavy petting, which can lead to sex. At your age, you are still young and may not know how to handle a relationship. Worse still, what if your girlfriend gets pregnant? Are you prepared to start a family? Guess not. Hence it is really not advisable to get a girlfriend when you are in high school, middle school or junior high school (or actually anytime when you are still in a school!)
Yeah, but I know peer pressure is getting to you. All your friends have a girlfriend, so why can't you have one? Besides your hormones are raging and killing you. You just discovered puberty, for guys you are starting to grow more hair in all sorts of areas and you are getting a deeper voice and getting very curious about girls etc while for girls they get to experience their first period and perhaps start to be interested in guys more. So these things are happening and something inside you is telling you that you need or want a girlfriend real badly. But you have got no clue what to do. You are still young and you have absolutely no experience with girls or relationships. Zilch nada nil...absolutely no clue!
Now in comes your online agony aunt here who tries her very very best to help you in your quest to get a girlfriend in high school. Yes I will help you but on one condition that you do not get too adventurous and please let your relationship stay as friends. A girlfriend is also a friend right? If you are interested in a girl, make friends with her first. How to get a girl as your friend? Just a normal friend? Very easy, just go up to her and say hi, can I be your friend? No pressure, since you are just asking her to be your friend, right?
Now most of the things you need are actually listed in my post on tips on how to get a girlfriend easy. It is really important that you use the tips that I have given in this post. The most important of which is to just be yourself, and like what the say they girls would usually follow after that. The ways to be yourself is not to try silly things that are simply NOT you. Never ever give up your identity and who you are. If you still have not found an identity, then it is time that you slowly shape your own identity. And remember that I am not teaching you to pick girls up or to "cheat" girls of their feelings. If you must, exaggerate a tiny bit of what you are to get a girl to smile, be confident about yourself and also not be too shy or modest. Deception, lies, and trickery are not the answer and should never be used. I am talking about if you are genuinely interested to know a certain girl and make her your friend (or girlfriend). Not if you are interested to get a girlfriend to satisfy your curiosity!
One of the good things about wanting to get a girlfriend in high school is that she is in the same school as you. This is easier than getting a girlfriend from some place outside where you only have a small window of opportunity to know the girl. So since she is already in the same high school as you, you have got to put in effort to get to know her. Is she a classmate? Maybe she is in one of the other classes in the same floor. Or maybe there are some high school lessons where you get a chance to meet her and see her. When you have the chance, just approach her and talk to her. It is that simple. Ask how she is, what she likes, what lessons she is interested in what her hobbies are etc etc. Try to know as much as her as possible. In addition, make sure you try to talk to her everytime you see her. Catch her attention. Send a signal to tell her that she exists.
Now for some teenagers, sometimes they have the wrong impression that the girls would be attracted to cool guys. Now just what is cool and what are cool guys? Some people might consider having a girlfriend while you are in high school being considered cool, and since you are here I presume that you do not have a girlfriend hence you are considered "uncool". While this might be true, it means that you would never be able to get a girlfriend, since you have to be cool to get one and to be cool you need a girlfriend!
If you ask me, try to stand out by being cool. I am not asking you to not be yourself, just think of ways to make yourself stand out from the other guys. Not silly ways though. An example would be to try to excel at a sport. Girls always dig captains of school teams. If you are just good at the sport, it is still alright and you should be able to get some recognition and popularity. Just aim to excel in the sport and join the school team if possible. Get fit physically and train up build up your stamina while you train for your sport. This way, the sport keeps you fit and healthy while allowing you to attract girls and gain their attention. Another way to stand out would be to groom yourself well. Try to dress appropriately. If you have a school uniform, wear it with pride. Wear proper shoes and comb your hair well to look smart and presentable. Keep your clothes clean and tidy. It does not matter if you are not handsome but at least try to look smart and well-groomed. Walk confidently, do not slouch and walk upright. This is the way to attract a girl's attention.
Oh and is she one of the more popular girls at school? If she is, it can be tough to even get her to be a friend. She may always be in her own clique or group of friends and sometimes it may be difficult to get to her. Do beware of such girls though as sometimes they can be the proud and stuck-up type. Sometimes, from her expression or body language, you may be able to tell that she is not interested in you. When you get this signal, and you can confirm that she is not interested in you, then seriously it is time for you to move on. If she is not willing to be even a friend, then it will be very difficult for you!
Some of the girls that may want to be friends with you are those who are often very close to themselves, or totally by themselves. These people can either be the very shy type or the more anti-social type. So there is a certain level of challenge for this group as well. However, at least the chances of them communicating with you are higher since she is more alone while the group described above is with a clique of friends.
This is about all I have for this post. Hope this has been useful for you to know how to get a girlfriend in high school. Do check back at this Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend Easy Blog for more tips...
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