How to Get a Girlfriend Easy

How to Get a Girlfriend Easy - Frankly speaking, I would advise you against learning how to get a girlfriend fast or how to get a girlfriend easy, because such a relationship would not be stable! I have heard of lightning relationships but they generally do not last long. I know what you are thinking. You may be thinking of getting a girlfriend fast or easy for the purposes of getting a fling or some intimacy or maybe sexual intercourse. That is so wrong and so bad! I am not going to teach you this here!
So to put things in perspective, I can tell you now that my post is acutally how to NOT get a girlfriend easy and How to NOT get a girlfriend fast! There is seriously no such thing as an easy way to get a girlfriend. It is always difficult. Relationships like human life and time is precious. Choose who to spend your time wisely, if you choose to spend it with your loved ones like family or even your girlfriend, it shows that you are committed to the relationship. If you do not spend time on a relationship, then it really isn't a relationship that you cherish anymore. Some people who are not in relationships and do not have a girlfriend may lament that they are single lonely and perhaps even desperate, but have you heard from those who may be whining even when they are already in a relationship? Yes these people actually have relationship problems. You may see a relationship as a very simple thing and always see the happy side of a relationship, but there is a side to it that you don't see and indeed maintaining a relationship is not an easy thing to do.
Hence this is why I'm telling you that getting a girlfriend may be easy, but maintaining a relationship with your girlfriend may be difficult. So why the rush in the first place? Always remember that relationships take work and you have to put a lot of time and effort into them. It is possible to get a girlfriend easy, but whatever comes after that may not be easy or simple at all.
There are however a few ways to get a girlfriend easy. And when I say get a girlfriend easy, I am referring to how to increase your chances of meeting that special someone. Most importantly, you have to read my other post for tips on how to get a girlfriend. This is seriously becoming my bible on teaching you how to get a girlfriend. However, let us concentrate on this post. So how can you increase your chances of finding a girlfriend?
Spend More Time Around People
You can never get a girlfriend if you just stay at home all day, don't even try thinking you can get a girlfriend easy in such a case. Do get involved in more actitivies that you let you have a chance to meet more people and make more friends, this will allow you to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend too. Some places to go to include clubs and joining church groups, special interest groups, sports groups, causes (you can volunteer) and charities. Of course if you are still in high school, middle school or junior high school, chances are that there are already many fellow school mates that you can make friends with.
The club I am talking about above refers to clubs that promote a specific acitivity, for example a rock climbing club, chess club, mathematics club etc etc. Such clubs can already be found in schools, and joining them can really improve your chances of knowing more people and then getting a girlfriend. Actually, you need not find a girlfriend with common interests or hobbies as you, but sometimes having something in common allows you to find common topics to talk about. This may cut out awkward moments when you do not know what to say in front of a hot girl. If the activity is outdoor bases, you can even use the activity as an "excuse" to ask the girl out for a date! Now this is a very useful secret!
On the other hand, if the clubs you are thinking about refers to the clubs where people have fun, drink, party and dance or prance around, many people claim that clubs are a great way to make new friends and maybe snag a girlfriend too. But my personal opinion is that during such situations when either party may either be high or intoxicated, it may be difficult to find out if the girl is genuinely interested in a proper relationship. While there are guys who are out to have fun, there are girls who have similar motives too.
Make More Friends Online Through Online Dating Services
I have briefly talked about how to get a girlfriend using online dating services in one of my earlier posts. You should rest it to get a rough idea on how to use online dating services to allow you to find the perfect match. I will list some good online dating services in the future. So if you are not the activity type of person, you can make friends without stepping out of your own home! Start to get to know more people online, and when you think that you are ready (and similarly the girl is ready too) you can meet outside.
Be Friendly
After you have done the above, you will never be able to get a girlfriend fast unless you are friendly and willing to interact with people. If you are a snub, you can forget about making new friends or even getting a girlfriend easy. The secret to getting a girlfriend is to be easily approachable and also to be able to talk to anyone anywhere! This includes strangers and sometimes you can see that people who frequent clubs are usually better at getting girlfriends because they are good at pickups and starting conversations with strangers. Also remember those tips on how to get a girlfriend which I have mentioned in my previous post, remember to smile, show interest, be confident, humourous and just be yourself!
Introduce Yourself
It is always important to introduce yourself when you meet somebody new. It is not very polite if you don't introduce yourself. After you are done with your pickup line, you may proceed to inform your new friend that your name is so and so and then ask for her name as well. Some people may ask for the girls number or email here. I prefer that that be asked at the end. However, sometimes during the introduction, both parties may exchange namecards and on the namecards would have the girl's email and contact details. From here, you can try to mix the need for professional contact to personal one. This takes skill of course and I may teach you how in my subsequent posts. However, just note that for now, it is better not to misuse that email or handphone contact which was provided through the namecard! If she decides not to give you any contact, don't be disheartened. Just try try and try again.
Go Out on Dates
If you meet someone that has great potential to be a girlfriend, and you have successfully gotten her contact details so that you will be able to meet next time, the next step to get a girlfriend easy would be to ask her out for a date. Of course if you got to know her through an activity club, it would be simpler since you get to see her quite often during club gatherings. However, if that time you get to talk to her is almost like the one in a million chance that you get to see her, then definitely you must get her contact and also ask her out later. It can be a simple date such as a chat over coffee or tea. Most people go for movie dates and that can sometimes give hints to the lady that you are actually more interested that she becomes more than a friend. Of course there are also others that will not think in this way. Hence just try to make the best of the situation and depending what you and the girl is like, try to come up with something. If the girl says no in the first instance, then again do not be disheartened. Try try and try again. At least this time you got her contact right? She may have her reasons for rejecting your date but that doesn't mean that she will reject you forever. Things take time so again it is not easy to get a girlfriend easy!
Now what I have mentioned above would be some very good tips on how you can increase your chances of making friends and thus getting a girlfriend would be much easier given that you know more people, know what you want in a girlfriend and hence know who is more suitable for you. This is yet another long post but I hope that it can help you in your quest in learning how to get a girlfriend. The key message for this post is: it is never easy to get a girlfriend easy!

In my previous post, I have taught you how to get a girlfriend in high school. Of course subsequently, I will be teaching you how to get a girlfriend in middle school and how to get a girlfriend in junior high school. Do feel free to check out my past posts for more info.

Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend Easy - How to Get a Girlfriend Easy


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